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The Benefits of Solventless Extracts & Live Resin

The Benefits of Solventless Extracts & Live Resin

One of the highest quality extracts of cannabis comes in the form of live resin, this is becoming increasingly popular and many cannabis users are loving the solventless process with which live resin is made. This form of extract carries high potency levels and offers some of the purest flavors that are extracted from high quality weed. The higher price point of this extract is justified with the high level of THC and delicious terpene profiles it carries, we are currently offering an exclusive $40 sale on our extracts here.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a solventless hash oil concentrate that is made in a more different extraction process than your traditional butane hash oils. It utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to instantaneously squeeze resinous oil from your high quality cannabis. The end result is a rich live resin that is oozing with beautiful shatter like finish, but offers richer terpene profiles than its rivals.

Benefits of Live Resin

Compared to traditional butane hash oils and other weed extracts, pressing live resin carries a number of additional benefits that connoisseurs seek such as:

No solvents

Resin produces a completely clean, potent product when extracted properly. Butane is extremely bad on the human body and for the environment (Silly Smoke website runs on 100% renewable energy). Resin produces a completely clean, potent product when extracted properly for its final form.

Natural properties

Resin is completely solventless. Unlike BHO (butane hash oil), resin does not require a solvent. Which means there’s zero risk of residuals in the end product. You can count on getting a pure and organic final extract.

Medical Grade

Live resin is sometimes hard to come by and it is handcrafted by passionate cannabis crafters who respect the process and focus on quality over quantity and allow us to offer our live resin to you. Resin is beneficial for consumers/patients who desire or need fast acting powerful doses of cannabis medicine. A single dab of resin provides a large dose of cannabinoids quickly.

Better dabbing

Live resin has a lower melting point which makes it an ideal choice for dabbing because of the high potency and strong THC qualities, you would need to smoke triple the amount to get the same quantity of cannabinoids as dabbing resin.

Very Potent

Live resin is highly concentrated and in its final form produces a very high THC level that ranges anywhere from 55%-80% compared to cannabis flower which typically ranges from 21%-30%. This makes live rosin the better choice if you want a higher THC potency choice for dabbing. Plenty of users also appreciate the rich terpene profiles that help you really taste the strain you’re dabbing.

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