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Benefits of Vaping Weed Vs Smoking it

Benefits of Vaping Weed Vs Smoking it

“Vaping” is perhaps the most popular expression you’ve most likely started hearing recently the past couple of years. The vaping frenzy has spread to individuals who might never think about sparking even a cigarette. Also, for numerous individuals to get relaxation from a wide range of weed vape pens.

Be that as it may, questions rise with regards to utilizing a vape versus smoking weed:

Is vaping naturally the better decision? Does utilizing a vape mean you sidestep the entirety of the negative wellbeing impacts of smoking? What is the contrast among smoking and vaping weed as far as impacts?

In this SillySmoke blog, we’ll attempt to breakdown the different angles from both sides:

What is vaping?

Vaping is the name given to the way toward utilizing a gadget called a vaporizer to heat cannabis plant material as opposed to burning it (ignition) which occurs during smoking.

The vaporizer or “vape” device heats the cannabis to a particular temperature, lower than that which combustion requires. This results in the weed being transformed into a fume as opposed to smoke. This fume is then breathed in by the user through the vaporizer’s mouthpiece. Pretty cool huh? At least we think so.

Vaping keeps on growing and is a strong emerging market that does not seem to show any signs of slowing down.

Smoking weed versus vaping: which is better?

Most cannabis users depend on their preferred method of use, whether that be smoking or vaping. However, barely any will be ready to argue that smoking is better for your wellbeing.

The process of combusting cannabis or tobacco will definitely bring out the tar and other harmful substances being breathed in simultaneously as a way to inhale the tobacco or cannabinoids.

Smoking straight cannabis is really not the best for your lungs compared to vaping, however not as awful as smoking tobacco with your weed. Otherwise known as “blunts” for a few or even those just mixing “batch” (tobacco).

In any case, although there may not be large scale studies on the two you can say vaping is safer and more secure than smoking. Now lets talk about some of the benefits of vaping weed over smoking.

The advantages of vaping over smoking

The most common argument on why vaping weed is safer is simply just because smoking is awful for you. There’s no denying it.

Obviously, there are a few risks implied when vaping – the low quality vaporizers on the market are potentially more harmful due to the poor build quality for instance – yet they fail to measure up with the risks of breathing in cannabis or tobacco post-burning.

Additional benefits for vaping weed include


Vaping – particularly when you set your vaporizer to a lower temperature – is considerably more discrete as far as odor than smoking is.

In case you’re attempting to be more discrete with your smoking practices, a vape could be your new best friend.


Smoking will in general tamper the flavors and characteristics of various strains of cannabis. With vaping you’re able to explore the interesting individual flavor profiles and terpenes of each strain. This is an incredible benefit all things considered for weed connoisseurs.

Especially those who smoke blunts or those that mix tobacco with their weed the flavors differ compared to vaping where you can really get the flavor profile of the strain.

Temperature control

With vaping you have full control of the temperature you set the device too, some users adjust temperature to get different inherent effects from the cannabis. Being able to control the device is much safer where as when you burn a joint or blunt it combusts at a constant blaze.

Safer and simpler

While it’s simple enough to neglect in the event that you smoke a ton, having fire close to you all the time isn’t the most safest. On the upside, there’s no risk of fire hazard or injury with a vape.

You won’t need to get into the habit of rolling and getting into all the components of smoking when you have a vape pen you just pull and you’re good to go.

The drawbacks of vaping

In any case, it’s not fair to just assume vaping is the preferred method of cannabis consumption. Although it is a large growing preference some cons of vaping people mention are:

May require some practice – Vaporizers come in many models and makes and some of them do require you grinding cannabis and using it in a sequential order to consume correctly. On the other hand there are models that are just as easy as turning it on and taking a pull and you’re done.

Needs to be charged – Charging the device can seem like a chore to some who just want to kickback and smoke but it hardly takes work to plug it in. Some vapes are disposable and come with a full charge for its lifetime of use.

Cleaning & Upkeep – Some models of vaporizers require cleaning and upkeep for best results, however this does not really apply to vape pens, and most disposable models.

Can be costly – The bigger makes of vaporizers can get costly. However, numerous vape pens and more common models are affordable in lower budget ranges. You can find the best budget friendly weed pens here.


I mean now that you know much more about vaping and smoking in general it’s safe to say that vaping is much safer but the choice is yours and how you enjoy consuming cannabis. Everything cannabis can be safe in moderation and with responsible use.

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