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#1 Online Marijuana Dispensary in Canada
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THC Extracts
What are THC Extracts? You’re curious and you want to learn more about extracts and their euphoric effects and stunning taste of the toke. Well this is the right place for you because Silly Smoke has tons of high quality weed edibles and THC extracts for you to try and discover new levels of smoking...
Buy Weed Online
With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Toronto and widely Canada you are probably what are the best weed dispensaries in Toronto, Canada. Here is all about how to buy Buy Weed Online. You may have known that cannabis was made legal in Canada in 2018, and if you enjoy getting high, life up north...
Solventless Extracts & Live Resin
The Benefits of Solventless Extracts & Live Resin One of the highest quality extracts of cannabis comes in the form of live resin, this is becoming increasingly popular and many cannabis users are loving the solventless process with which live resin is made. This form of extract carries high potency levels and offers some of...
Benefits of Vaping Weed Vs Smoking it
“Vaping” is perhaps the most popular expression you’ve most likely started hearing recently the past couple of years. The vaping frenzy has spread to individuals who might never think about sparking even a cigarette. Also, for numerous individuals to get relaxation from a wide range of weed vape pens. Read all about Benefits of Vaping...
Is Biscotti Strain Good? Have you heard about the infamous Indica-dominant hybrid, Biscotti? Maybe you have and you’re curious on where to find biscotti near you and how to buy biscotti online. Well before you get into all of that let’s talk about this amazing Biscotti strain because it is absolutely one of our favorite’s...
THCA diamonds are shiny and sparkly and will catch your eye from across the room.
How To Buy THCa Diamonds/HTFSE Online The Most Potent Form of THC (THC-A Diamonds) Yes, most of us have tried a lot of edibles, quads, extracts & more. However, many of us think that’s the highest we can get from weed. Nope! Say hello to our THC-A diamonds! THC-A diamonds are the purest and most...
Weed stored in fresh air sealed packaging with boveda humidifier
Best Ways And Tips To Keep Weed Fresh Storing your weed correctly will be the biggest life-saver because improperly stored cannabis will go bad and can also lose some of its enticing features. To avoid wasting your weed follow some of our tips to keep your cannabis at its peak quality over its shelf life....
Weed strain nug showing mike tyson og strain
Top 7 Ways To Know Good Weed From Bad Buying weed online in Canada can be difficult that’s why we made it easy for you to know how to tell your weed is good quality bud. After a long day of work you’re finally home and you want to smoke some cannabis but you’re not...
Benefits, uses, and effects of edibles & THC gummies! Edibles contain the right amounts of THC to help you really feel the effects, meaning it can cause numbing and euphoria (‘high’). They also encourage benefits to the health conditions of people with some or no side effects. THC gummies are also a nice edible choice for people with...
Cannabis strain
Pink Tuna the couch lock strain choice for 420 this year! Pink Tuna is an indica-prevailing hybrid choiced by many cannabis connoisseurs. This strain gives an exemplary indica high. With its power, it can treat a sleeping disorder, persistent agony, muscle fits and stress. The fruity diesel taste is euphoric. Pink Tuna Cannabis Strain is...