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Best Ways To Know Good Weed From Bad

Top 7 Ways To Know Good Weed From Bad

Buying weed online in Canada can be difficult that’s why we made it easy for you to know how to tell your weed is good quality bud.

After a long day of work you’re finally home and you want to smoke some cannabis but you’re not sure which bud to smoke, well here are 7 easy ways to tell good weed from bad. Hopefully this guide helps you pick premium quality flower for your next toke! Here at Silly Smoke we pride ourselves on offering premium craft cannabis for our smokers who love indulging in the highest quality flower Canada has to offer!

Let’s jump right in at the top of our list we have:

  1. Colour
    The first thing you should notice when looking at your weed is the colour and typically fresh premium quality weed will be green with bits of different hues either purple, orange, blue or pinks. If the weed you have is very brownish and pale then that is a sign of bad weed and possibly a sign of mold forming soon or pesticides, best to be avoided.
  2. Smell
    The next sign for good weed is a pungent odor that has a fresh and strong smell that you can immediately notice. If the weed smells like grass or has hay like odor to it, its best to stay away especially if the odor is very ‘mute’.
  3. Crystals
    Next would be looking for trichomes which are small jewel like crystals that cover the weed. Good weed will have plenty of visible crystals for you to see and this will more than likely determine the potency of the weed and how strong it will be in THC percentage.
  4. Taste
    When you toke your weed it should always have a fresh taste to it, now the taste can differ because the terpene profile will be different for each strain but generally you should get different flavors such as minty, citrus, doughy, or gas like profiles.
  5. Texture
    When you feel the texture of your weed it should never be feeling wet or damp, when it has been cured properly your weed should have a good balance of being sticky and properly dried. Here at Silly Smoke our weed is cured to perfect and we thrive off the positive feedback of the quality bud we send out.
  6. Seeds & Stems
    Another easy give away is if your weed has tons of seeds and sticks than you are probably not getting good weed. Instead you should look for good thick buds with no seeds or stems.
  7. Trimming
    Trimming is very important and when you look at craft cannabis the buds are nice and tight with little to no leaves or stems. This is a good indication of a properly done trimming job. If you look at the image above we showcase one of our strains “Mike Tyson OG” and you can see the premium hand trimmed bud for reference.

    We love to see our Silly Smoke members enjoying their premium craft selection for the best weed deals in Canada, and we hope this guide can help you stop wasting money on bad weed and finally shop premium for premium prices only at Silly Smoke.

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