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Blue Death Star (AAAA)


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This beautiful strain is a very potent Indica that we offer in our Premium Quads selection. It’s high has a couch-locking effect. Great for nighttime use and great for helping with sleeping problems. Death Star is an indica cannabis strain that emits a pungent diesel-like aroma that also bears a similar taste on the exhale which includes hints of citrus. The cured nuggets of this strain produce an mix of both light and dark green leaves with hints of blue tinging its edges. Death Star was featured in High Times in 2010 and is a cross between the infamous Sour Diesel which is where it gets its scent, and the indica Sensi Star.

THC levels tend to average between the high teens and mid-20’s. Death Star has been reputed to creating a happy but spacey state of mind, among its users, while bringing the body into a lightly numbing relaxation. Some have experienced couch-lock or sedation while trying Death Star while others like it for its potential to increase appetite. Death Star generally receives high ratings for its reported ability to fully the relax both body and mind.


Ounce (28g), Half-Ounce (14g)


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