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Pink Tuna the couch lock strain choice for 420 this year!

Pink Tuna is an indica-prevailing hybrid choiced by many cannabis connoisseurs. This strain gives an exemplary indica high. With its power, it can treat a sleeping disorder, persistent agony, muscle fits and stress. The fruity diesel taste is euphoric. Pink Tuna Cannabis Strain is suggested for evening use.

Find :   Pink Tuna

If you are searching for a strain to give you a euphoric high, you’ve been searching for Pink Tuna. This strain is 30% sativa and 70 percent indica. It was made by crossing Pink Kush with Tuna Kush. The strain doesn’t let you down, smokers find that the impacts hit them rapidly and hard. It is on the stronger THC side around 22 to 30 percent.

Why we’re smoking Pink Tuna for 420 this year

From your first toke you instantly feel the effects of this couch locking strain. Covid-19 has everyone locked inside and it’s just not the same 420 this year. That is why our choice at Silly Smoke is the euphoric Pink Tuna, this strain will drift you into a space and just shower you with euphoria. As this strain settles it gives you a strong couch lock feeling which is perfect since were all stuck inside anyway.

What better way to stay healthy and safe having fun at home with this amazing strain. You will eventually doze off and feel sleepy so don’t expect to get much work done. Many smokers tend to feel the uplifting effects of this strain quickly and may even tend to feel a little sedated. You will fall into a peaceful bliss getting real sleepy and feeling relaxed making this strain the perfect choice to just kick back and enjoy your stay in safe from COVID-19 respectfully.

Additionally, Pink Tuna is a great choice amongst the medicinal community because of the high THC amount and heavy effects, helps people who have conditions such as depression, aches, insomnia, or pain. If you are struggling with your mood this strain help you feel more uplifted and happy. We thank you for taking time to read this and the Silly Smoke team wishes you a happy & safe 420 next week!